Searchable content

When you perform a search in IBM® Connections, different types of information are searched for each application.

The following table lists the content that is searched for each application during a keyword or default search.
Table 1. Searchable content
Application Content that is searched
Activities Tags, titles, To Dos, entries, the titles of custom fields, and file attachments..
Blogs Tags, titles, content, author names, and comments. Content from file attachments is not searched.
Bookmarks Tags, titles, descriptions, and URL strings if the bookmark points to a URL that is not internal to IBM Connections.

Note that when multiple users create public bookmarks for the same URL, information for that bookmark is rolled up into a single set of summary information as part of the bookmark rollup process.

For example, if 1000 users create a public bookmark for the same URL, when someone searches for that URL, a single bookmark is returned instead of 1000 bookmarks. The bookmark that is returned includes the information for all 1000 bookmarks rolled up into a single search result, so that all the tags and people associated with each individual bookmark are included.

In addition, when two or more users create public bookmarks for the same public internal document, for example, a wiki page, then the wiki page gets rolled up with the bookmark. If the user then searches for the wiki page or the bookmark that they created to the wiki page, the tags and people associated with the bookmark and the wiki page are combined into the same search result.

Communities Tags, titles, descriptions, and community events.
Note: Linked libraries cannot be searched using IBM Connections Search. For information about searching linked libraries using the This Community search option in Communities, see Searching within a community.
Files File names, tags, descriptions, and uploaded file content.
Forums Tags, titles, content, comments, and attachments.
Profiles All main profile fields and custom fields.
Status updates Status updates posted to Profiles, Communities, and the Home page, or shared using the Share link. Comments on status updates.
Note: Status updates that are added from the Home page or shared using the Share link are automatically posted to the user's profile. Use the Show options on the search results page for status updates to filter the display to show all status updates, status updates from Profiles, or status updates from Communities.
Wikis Tags, titles, summaries, content, comments, and content from file attachments.

Only current content is indexed; previous versions of wiki pages are not searched.

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