My Content searches

When users choose to search only the content that is related to them, the behavior of the My Content search feature varies across each of the different apps.

The following content is returned when users select the Search MY content option on the Advanced Search page:
Table 1. Results of My Content searches
App Content that is returned
Activities All activities that the user is a member of, including activities that are contained by communities to which the user belongs. Public activities are not returned unless the user explicitly joins them but authored entries in a public activity are returned. Files added to an activity that were uploaded by the user or shared with the user are also returned.
Blogs Content from any singly-authored blogs, co-authored blogs, community-owned blogs, and Ideation Blogs of which the user is a member.
Bookmarks All the user's bookmarks, including private links.
Communities All communities to which the user belongs and all associated content across apps. Also, content that was created by users in a community that they are no longer members of.
Note: Linked libraries cannot be searched using IBM® Connections Search. For information about searching linked libraries using the This Community search option in Communities, see Searching within a community.
Forums All forum content in forums created by the user, and all forum content associated with communities to which the user belongs.
Files Files that belong to communities of which the user is a member, files that the user uploaded, and files that were shared with the user.
Profiles The user’s own profile and the profiles of people who belong to the user’s network.
Status updates Status updates posted by the user to Profiles, Communities, and the Home page, or shared using the Share link.
Note: The status updates that you post to Home page or share using the Share link are automatically posted to your profile. Use the Show options on the search results page for status updates to filter the display to show all status updates, status updates from Profiles, or status updates from Communities.
Wikis Wiki pages where the user is a contributing author or member of an owning community. Files that were uploaded by the user or shared with the user are also returned.

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