Working with search results

Filter the results that display on the Search Results page to find the information that is most useful to you. Your search term is highlighted in the returned results to make it easy for you to see whether it is being used in a relevant context.

About this task

The Search Results page lists the results returned by your search query, and includes the title of each search result, the name of the person who created it, and the date when it was created. You can read a brief description of the search result and view a comment extract, where available, and see how many people liked the search result item. The latest status update displays before the list of search results when it is relevant to the search term. An icon next to each search result identifies which application the content is associated with.
Table 1. Application icons
Icon Application
Activities icon Activities
Blogs icon Blogs
Bookmarks icon Bookmarks
Calendar icon Community events
Communities icon Communities
File icon Files
The icon shown here represents just one file type. The icons that display in your search results vary depending on the type of file returned.
Tip: You can tell when a file is from a community library because the document type associated with the file is listed.
Forums icon Forums
Profiles icon Profiles
Status Updates icon Status updates
Wikis icon Wikis
The Search Results page displays when you perform any type of search in IBM® Connections, except for the context-specific searches that are available in the different applications. When you select a context-specific search option, for example, the option to search My Communities in the Communities application, the search results page for that application displays. When you perform any other type of search in IBM Connections, the Search Results page displays.


Review your search results on the Search Results page by performing the following actions:

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