Adding IBM Connections search to your browser

Add IBM® Connections to the list of search engines used by your web browser so that you can search IBM Connections content directly from the browser.

Before you begin

The IBM Connections search engine can be added to all supported browsers except Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.

About this task

Adding IBM Connections search functionality allows you to search all the content in your deployment directly from the browser, with the results returned in the IBM Connections interface.


  1. To add IBM Connections search to Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer:
    1. Open either the IBM Connections Search URL provided by your administrator or the Search Results page.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • In Mozilla Firefox:
        1. From the search control in your browser, click the Down arrow to display a list of search engine options.
        2. Select Add "Connections".
      • In Microsoft Internet Explorer:
        1. Click the Search Options arrow next to the search control and select Connections.
  2. To set IBM Connections as the default search engine in Google Chrome:
    1. Click the Customize and control Google Chrome icon on the browser toolbar and select Settings.
    2. Under Search, click Manage search engines.
    3. Enter IBM Connections in the Add a new search engine field.
    4. In the Keyword field, enter the text shortcut that you want to use for IBM Connections. You can use this keyword to quickly access the IBM Connections search engine from the address bar. For example, connections.
    5. Enter the following URL in the URL field, and then click OK.
    6. Hover over the entry that you just added and click the Make default button that displays.


IBM Connections search now becomes the active search engine in your browser. You can switch to another search engine at any time by selecting a different option from the list of search engines provided.

What to do next

To search IBM Connections from your browser search control, enter a search term in the field provided and click Search. The results display in the IBM Connections user interface, where you can filter them in the usual way. For information about working with search results, see Working with search results.

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