Using the activity stream views

Find out what's new in your network and the wider organization using the activity stream views available from the home page.

About this task

You can use the activity stream views to filter the latest news stories and updates from across Connections version 5.5c. The updates are in list format, making it easy for you to scan through the entries and identify important updates. An icon next to each update identifies which app the update is associated with.


You can check for the latest news stories and work with updates in the following ways:

What to do next

  • Click Customize to add apps and bring extra function to your home page.
  • Tell people what you are doing by updating your personal status message. For more information, see Updating your status message from the home page.
  • Check what community events are taking place soon using the Events app. For more information, see Using the Events app.
  • Track your upcoming to-do items with the To Do List app. For more information, see Using the To Do List app.
  • Check for recommended content in the Recommendations app. The app suggests content that might interest you, based on your existing community membership, network connections, and tags. For more information, see Using the Recommendations app on the home page.
  • Bookmark the page views that you visit most often so that you can navigate directly to them later.

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